Diagnosis - $35
Micro-Consultation - $15/Three Questions
General Maintenance/Dusting - $35
Linux/Ubuntu Multi-Service - $80
Power Jack Replacement - $200
Screen Replacement - $300
Generalized Repair - $70/Hr.
Recycling and Disposal - $15/CRT or $5/Device
Data Destruction - $50/HDD
Software Development
Website Design
Networking Solutions

slashRoot offers classes and instruction
relating to its four point curriculum
as well as technology in general.
Members have an opportunity to earn ranks
relating to their skill level
based on a martial arts structure.

slashRoot would love to hear from you!

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We Practice and Teach Four Things.

1: Technology Service: We love to fix and make things! We help computers and their owners get along. We play with Arduino!

2: Software Development: Web applications, phone routing, mobile apps, graphic design – whatever gets the job done.

3: Networking: We help to connect people, and wireless routers.

4: Live Events: Acoustic Music, Poetry, Art, Classes, Workshops, etc.

Technology Service

We provide unique and common technology services to our local and greater area. We advocate the use
of open source software in our community,
and illustrate connections between fair trade and open source.
We will arrange for pickup and delivery of your computer!
A full tech services menu can be found here.

Software Development

The slashRoot Technology Group is dedicated to excellence in the design and implementation of software.
We are glad to use and support Free and Open Source technologies,
as well as philosophies of liberty and transparency.
We use the Ubuntu operating system, the Python programming language,
the Django web framework, the Twisted network programming framework,
and are available to consult on countless other technologies.

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slashRoot is commited to organic networking.
We believe people can be brought together to create a stronger sense of community
We feel technologies can be used to connect people and ideas in ways previously not concieved of.
It is slashRoots intention to build a mesh network in New Paltz,
to help our local community to connect and communicate with one another

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Live Events

We have featured local poets, artist, musicians, and other creative types at slashRoot.
We try to cultivate a vibe that we think independent, intelligent people will enjoy.
slashRoot has also hosted members of the community for a village debate,
as well as events related to technology.
We also host classes and workshops
where we teach our four point curriculum.

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Classes and Membership

The slashRoot Technology Group has a four point curriculum.
This includes Logical Expression, Material Application,
Organic Networking, and Wholesome Commerce.
Membership follows a martial arts paradigm, giving members
an opportunity to earn white, yellow, green, brown, or black bands in our curriculum.

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